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28 Jan 2019

My Love For Agatha Christie Books

I have professed my love for Agatha Christie books time and again on my youtube channel and on my other social media in general. Being a book hoarder, I have been diligently collecting her titles. At the moment, I have 35 books by her and I am proud to say that 13 of these books are the hardcover facsimile editions. How I wanted to buy The Ultimate Agatha Christie Case for myself but my poor self couldn’t afford it. So I contented myself by visiting the amazon page of that. At the moment, it sits in my amazon wishlist all alone and forlorn with no hope for its rescue. But thankfully, one doesn’t need money to talk about her books and my youtube channel (Saumya’s Bookstation) gives me a perfect outlet.  Having dedicated 3 videos solely to Agatha Christie’s books, the fan in me keeps talking about her books in other videos too. Agatha Christie wrote over 80 titles giving readers like me a formidable goal to chase.

For me, the love for her books goes beyond the simple truth that her books are extremely engaging. It actually started long back when my mother used to tell me about issuing her titles from her office library, which was none other the fabled British Council Library situated in Delhi’s Kasturba Gandhi Marg. Long before I picked up my first book by Agatha Christie, her murder mysteries were already a topic of conversation between me and my mother.  My mother had a friend with whom she used to rave about the genius of the queen of crime but I had no such luck in my personal life. The odds of finding another reader friend in my case proved to be none. But we live in wonderful times, what you don’t get offline, you often find online.

My first foray into her work was when I picked up And Then There Were None and since then, there has been no looking back for me. This first book, I believe, proved to be a very wise choice because it blew my mind and hence led to the birth of another Agatha Christie admirer in the house. I decided that the genre of Whodunit mysteries was the one that I would like to explore further and what’s more, I would like to explore the work of Agatha Christie. Her work marks an era and I am happy to say that at this point in my life, I have a lot left to discover.

In my ongoing process of building my own library, I am always going to have a section dedicated to Agatha Christie books. Right now, the section is a relatively small one, with 35 titles gracing one of my bookshelves, but I can’t wait for this number to increase and for this section to grow. 

Guys! Thank you for being there and sharing my love for Agatha Christie books. Happy Reading!

Video link to Agatha Christie playlist on Saumya’s Bookstation:

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  1. Anuradha Mohankumar

    A great writeup Saumya.. I too share your love for Agatha Christie books and am trying to get my kids interested in them too.. I loved her books And Then There Were None, Murder on Orient Express, Thurston House to name a few.. I think I haven’t yet read a whole lot of her books but I hope to read them soon.


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