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18 May 2018

An Immigrant’s Guide to Integration : What to Expect When Moving To Australia by Gaurav Wadekar

An Immigrant’s Guide to Integration : What to expect when Moving to Australia is a book that has tackled different aspects of moving to and settling down in Australia. This book has been penned down by Gaurav Wadekar who is a resident of Australia and has thus written this book from his own experiences.

The book covers the following areas :

  • Deciding about Migrating in the first place,
  • Planning about one’s career, finances and family.
  • How to integrate in the new country.
  • Challenges of Migration and Overcoming those challenges

This book has been written with the intent to help people navigating through the obstacles that one is bound to come across in the process of settling down in Australia.

Even though the book has been written by an Indian, the issues discussed in the book are pretty universal and hence the book can be useful to people from any part of the word. If there is an Indian influence in the book, it is subtle enough and doesn’t override the neutral nature of the advices.

The book also contains a few blog posts by the author which were written by him before this book came out and the posts have been written on the topics of finding jobs in Australia and things to consider before moving  permanently to Australia. He has also shared the responses that he got on these posts and as it turns, the responses are positive which goes on to imply that these blog posts were of help to people.

The language used in the book is simple and easy to follow and it doesn’t take very long to finish the book because it is only 80 pages long and that makes the book a very quick read. It can be said, that one gets to read lots of information despite the short length of the book.

The author having shared his personal experiences has given a glimpse into the life in another part of the world, Australia.

The book has emphasized on the importance of networking and making friends every now and then. Sometimes, the book seemed repetitive because it kept revisiting the advices from the previous pages from time to time. I felt that could have been avoided as in a book as short as this one, a reader doesn’t forget the points mentioned easily.

Overall, this book gives you an insight into the Australian life and takes you through various phases of migration and before you know it, you reach the end of the book. This is a guide that can provide you some clarity in a situation which can prove to be quite chaotic in the absence of prior knowledge.

My Rating – 3.5/5 stars

Like how this book sounds? Get it here.


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