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14 Jun 2018

Book Review : Lovecology by Vir Singh

Lovecology is a collection of poems that are romantic and are written in ecological conscience. In other words, the poems in this book, bring to the focus of the reader, the beauty of the poet’s beloved and it is done so by comparing her charm and elegance with various elements of the nature. The poems serve a dual purpose. Both the beauty and grace of the beloved and the nature are celebrated together, because in the process of singing praises about his lover, the poet also ends up gushing about nature while drawing the parallels between the two.

The poems are simple enough to read and very easily understandable. Herein lies both the strength and the weakness of the poems because although they are easy, they also become very straightforward owing to that. A little adornment of the language would’t have hurt. When one reads poetry, one excepts atleast a tad bit of lyricism, which was missing in this book.

One is able to understand the sentiment behind the book very clearly. The book is written by someone who is devoted both to this lover as well as the nature and he certainly doesn’t hold back in extolling the virtues of both. Until a certain point, it seems fitting but beyond that it gets a little overbearing.

The poems sometimes give more weight to nature preservation  than the romantic aspect and in addition, owing to the straightforward language, it makes some poems seem educational. Is this is good quality in a poetry book? According to the popular opinion, the answer would certainly be no. 

Although well intentioned, books like this one, never really become relatable to a large number of readers. It is not to be assumed that the book won’t be appreciated by anyone. Perhaps, this might find a readership in environmental enthusiasts.

This book has tried to intermingle two very beautiful thoughts, appreciation for one’s lover and commitment towards environment preservation, but the combination doesn’t end up as glorious as one would have liked. The intent and thought behind the book is still appreciable.

My Rating – 3/5 stars

If you want to get your hands on this book, you can get it here.



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