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28 Jan 2018


Rajat Srivastava is a scientist of world renown. People call him Pinto and that’s the name he prefers to go by. Right from his childhood, Pinto displayed a streak of brilliance every now and then which always set him apart from others. A problem solver by nature, he never shies away from innovating stuff that can be of use to others. This is one of his main traits where the fear of failure never deters him from trying something new. Being of a very sharp mind, Pinto almost never lets his mind rest and as soon as he is successful in implementing one idea, he immediately moves on to solve another problem. Pinto’s unwavering focus on his ideas and innovations often leave little room for other things. He doesn’t have a romantic disposition. Not in the least. Reading about Pinto as a character gave me mixed feelings. He is both endearing and annoying from time to time. A focused person has an admirable quality of being hardworking but this often comes with the habit of being stubborn. In this way, Pinto’s character was far from perfect which made him real.



Pinto Has an Idea is a book that serves some amazing ideas to the readers in the form of Pinto’s remarkable creations. Pinto tries to do something for every section of the society and often succeeds in doing so because of his genius. Another very important character in the story is of Lavanya who stands by Pinto’s side like a pillar. Sharing a relationship of fondness, the dynamic between the two is not of the crazy passionate love( Pinto is too simple for that) but a subtle gestures that often accompanies a strong and mature companionship. You don’t always have to go gaga to show your love, a general sense of contentment by always being there for the other person is something that can make one happy too. Pinto and Lavanya’s relationship is something like that. They make a great team in terms of inventing things too. Pinto’s impeccable logic coupled with Lavanya’s keen eye for research makes them a great pair. Their usual banter being so commonplace makes them very real.

The more interested you are in creating things the more you will like reading this book. This also makes this book more enjoyable for a certain type of readers. The story is full of wonderful ideas but sometimes they take precedence over the story itself. The ideas keep coming at the readers one right after the other. Things happen in the beginning and towards the end of the story, in between we get bombarded by Pinto’s ideas which gets a little tiresome.

The writing is simple, effortless and funny. There are some very intelligent observations about the world in the book. The writing was my favourite part about this book. I often complain about the writing in a book but I was pleasantly surprised by the writing in this book.

Pinto’s success is a dream come true for engineering students. His character might inspire people to think out of the box and to have an optimistic take on life. His anecdotes which he is so fond of narrating to get his point across form a substantial part of the book. A person who likes to approach problems methodically, Pinto is still a dreamer who envisions a better and improved world and tries his best to do his bit to make it a reality.

The story has a lot of build up in terms of Pinto’s accomplishments which made me expect somewhat more from the ending of the story. The ending is not a bad one but the way the story was moving, I didn’t think that the ending would be so subtle. In that sense, it again was close to real life because life is never as dramatic as we imagine it to be.

My Rating – 3.5/5 stars

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