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22 Dec 2017


Book : Transit Lounge

Author : Sunil Mishra

Language : English

Pages : 216

Publisher : Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd.

Transit lounge by Sunil Mishra is a travelogue and it contains the experiences of the author’s travels to 30 countries across six continents in the past 15 years. In the beginning itself, the author has specifically mentioned that he has written this book from an Indian person’s perspective which made me wonder as to what he meant by that exactly. I realized that the author has made a conscious effort to talk aibout the countries he had visited in terms of India, comparing their lifestyles with the Indian lifestyle and the general environment, economic policies and where India stands in their comparison. That made this book very relatable and interesting at the same time because I was able to grasp the information easily.

The range of the book is pretty wide since it covers 30 countries so one might think that the book must be lengthy but that is not the case. The book is just a little over 200 pages as the author has shared everything in a very concise and to the point manner. Reading this book is a learning experience as well as the book gives one an insight into the lives in different countries.

The author has emphasized the importance of travel and how it helps one grow as a person and how it inevitably leads one to self discovery. Travel contributes to lending a broader perspective to the traveler and learning about new things is always refreshing.

Transit lounge is full of anecdotes and information of the author’s travels. This is a pretty good to book to read as you curl up with a steaming cup of tea (tea lover alert!) as you find out about so many countries and it also makes you want to travel yourself.

My reading experience being a good one, could have been even better had the language been a tad more refined. Whereas the richness of content and the matter of fact tone is a great blend, I felt that the language did not do justice to the book. Not wanting to go around nitpicking, I feel that the book didn’t get the love it deserved from the editor. Some sentences in the book made me frown a little from time to time. This is not to say that the meaning wasn’t clear but the presentation could have certainly been more effective and it would have added to the beauty of the narration.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I took a lot from this book as a reader and it nudged the latent travel enthusiast inside me to go explore the world. Pick this book up for the content more than anything else.

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